Fifty Two years and Counting

Saturday June 13 was the fifty second anniversary of Mayflower II sailing into Plymouth harbor. Past posts have covered many parts of the big event in 2007. You can also learn all about the ship and its history by going to the Mayflower section of our website. This year there were a lot of things … [Read more…]

Hey Mister, what are you doing ?

We hear that a lot. Most times a simple answer is forth coming. “I’m painting the ship.” “I’m replacing a plank.” “I’m tarring the rigging. Today the response to that question has me staring into the corner I’m working in inside the great cabin and wonder, “Hey, yeah,what am I doing?” This little bit of … [Read more…]

This is a test to check…

This is a test to check out our audio blog system. Tomorrow we’re planning on leaving Fair Haven around 11:00, get through the canal around 2:00, to the canal, through the canal by … listen Powered by Jott

The Lateen Mizzen

Continuing on with the series on Mayflower II sails and their rigging, this time out it’s the lateen mizzen, one of the smallest sails on the ship but one that is very useful as a balancing sail. The mizzen is a triangular fore-and-aft sail set on the ship’s aftermost mast, high on the stern-castle. The … [Read more…]

Topsails and their Rigging

Both the fore and main topsails are pretty much identical in the way that they are rigged, so similar that we can discuss them both together. First off, since I delved into a description of how sails are bent (attached to their yards) in my previous blog entry about the spritsail, I will forego repeating … [Read more…]