Friends of Mayflower II

The mayflower sailing crew, the Garvey building volunteers and the maritime artisans staff continued to make great strides this week. Thursday night our sailing crew spent two hours scraping and sanding the ship in preparation to painting. We had three or four people on the main mast scraping away the old linseed oil finish. We … [Read more…]


We started painting the ship on Monday. If anyone has looked at the ship recently they have noticed it has needed some paint for some time. In some seasons we spend from mid June into September painting depending on how thorough a job we are doing. Five or six years ago we spent two whole … [Read more…]

Images From The Past

Here are some more pictures from 1957. Wednesday is the fiftieth anniversary of the ships arrival. This past weekend a family friend and Plantation neighbor Marsha Sykes gave me copies of some pictures she found in her family collection of photos. There is a treasure trove of images in this collection. Here are some fun … [Read more…]

Catching up

There is a lot to catch up with since the last post. Thursday evening, scheduled as a sail training night, turned into moving the ship back to her berth night. Earlier in the week the contractors informed us that they would be finished with the fender repairs to our side of the pier by Thursday … [Read more…]

A little piece of 1957

This is one of the original leeboards from 1957. The shallop, as I related in an earlier posting, was built in 1957. A crew of local Plymouthians rowed the shallop out to mayflower when the ship sailed into the harbor on June 13th 1957. When the shallop is sailing, the leeboards are used to keep … [Read more…]

Sitting on the Job

Today’s post utilizes some photos I took last week of the marine artisans in action. Although the photos were taken last week they are fairly representative of work on the ship right now. One thing to notice in the photos is everyone is sitting down. Hmm, and I thought our work was physically demanding. In … [Read more…]

Progress Report

This is a quick post to update our progress on the workboat. We have continued, most Fridays from 1-4pm, to build frames and other parts of the new workboat for Mayflower II. The group of volunteers has been fairly consistent and everyone seems to be catching on as to what to do. This is frame … [Read more…]

Here’s to a Great crew

Here’s a view I don’t normally see during sail training. The crew is hard at work setting sails and I am not only, not on the ship, I’m not even on the pier. Last night’s sail training was the first session I have not attended for the entire class. I had a pretty good excuse … [Read more…]

Fifty Years Ago – more or less

An old shipmate George Cushman sent this picture to me. He was crewmember on Mayflower II in the earlier 1990’s. He says his Dad took this picture. When Mayflower II sailed across the Atlantic in 1957 the ship carried a number of "Treasure Chests" filled with goods from British firms. The idea was these firms … [Read more…]