Mayflower II – The Next Generator

It has been a most exciting day, at least for me, at Fairhaven ship yard. Today is the day we started removing the old generator to make room for our new one. a very generous individual donated funds that have allowed us to upgrade the generator on the ship that was installed in 1992. R.A. … [Read more…]

A Bit of Painting in the Mix

This is a recent photo of some painting. Most people who visit the ship or even come any where near the ship will notice it needs paint. We are tackling the painting in between other repair/restoration work. This shot shows Danny ( who, I think at one time wanted to be a plumber), and George … [Read more…]

The work continues

In between working on getting the small boats ready for the water work continues on the ship repairs. In this photo Keith is chain sawing a natural grown English oak knee to shape. Making the knee is one of the last steps in his restoration project started last year. The knee stock was donated by … [Read more…]

Spring Time Renewal

(In the small thumbnail photo I uploaded while preparing this post, the boats looked ready for launching. (Yet another indication of aging eyes). When I just checked the published post I could see the red primer spots that had not been painted over black yet. Rest assured we did put a finish coat of black … [Read more…]

Other Duties as Assigned.

There is a part of most job descriptions that is added to let the employee know that the stated specific tasks outlined in the job description are not the only tasks required to be successful in your job. The following pictures fall into this category. While they have nothing to do with repair and restoration … [Read more…]

More bits of rigging

With the main bits of rigging up there are still a lot of details to take care of with the rigging. In this shot Keith and Danny are tightening the main top mast shroud lanyards. (obviously). They are using chain come-along for extra purchase.   In the following shot Keith is inching his way up … [Read more…]

Instructors and Students

This shot was taken this morning at the end of our last class with the Bay farm Montessori School students. Don’t read anything into Danny, Keith and I being on one side if the boat and the kids on the other. Sometimes during our 8 weeks together it wasn’t always clear who were the instructors … [Read more…]