All gussied Up

Well, after many other smaller projects have come and gone, and continuing with ongoing work, we have recently completed the painting of the small boat we started with the camp kids this past August.   The paint scheme is the traditional (at least in New England) white exterior, green bottom paint and a medium tone … [Read more…]

Towards the finish line

  The breasthooks tie the two sides of the boat together at the bow and the stern in our case because the boat is double ended. Traditionally they are made out of natural crooks of wood so that the grain runs in a u-shape around the piece. Very strong.       Speaking of natural … [Read more…]

This Old Boat

The following is the text briefly explaining the boat we are building for Plimoth Plantation’s soiree: The 14′ boat, hand-crafted by Plimoth Plantation’s maritime artisans represents an ancient model of rowing boat used throughout Europe for centuries. Our version, made of marine plywood and white oak, will be an ideal boat for use on ponds, … [Read more…]

Off The Building Jig

When we last saw the boat we were planking. Today all the planks are on, we sanded smooth the outside and popped the boat off the building jig. The planks were fastened with epoxy, any screw heads and open holes were filled with epoxy yesterday in anticipation of today’s work. The boat was pretty easy … [Read more…]

More Boat Building

The garboard planks are attached to the bottom board and the stem.             In preparation for fastening the garboard planks, the bottom board and the stems were beveled to allow the garboard to lay flat on each. The plank is glued to the bottom with epoxy and to the stem … [Read more…]

Perparing for Irene

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am a little behind with chronicling work on Mayflower, mostly because of the interruption to our work schedule by Tropical Storm Irene. Here are some shots of the start of preparations for the coming storm. These shots are from the beginning of the week prior to the Sunday … [Read more…]

Shallop Sail

I haven’t posted anything for a while. There are several reasons for this, the least of which was the preparation for then the aftermath of tropical storm Irene. I thought I would post some pictures of a more pleasant interlude first. I can build up to the tropical storm in future posts.   Plymouth is … [Read more…]

The camp kids

Here is the shot I promised yesterday. ( I had misplaced my camera and only just now found it.) The proud builders and their boat. this was a fantastic group of kids. They were all eager, or at least willing to try their hands at the various building projects, were engaged in what we were … [Read more…]