Lunch and learn

Lunch and Learn: Jesse Brewer: Celebrating 75 Years of Gardening

Jesse Brewer, gardener and caretaker for the Hornblower family went “up the hill” as he called it, nearly every day, to the Hornblower estate and gardens, where he might have found himself repairing a leaky roof, weeding the cutting garden, doing battle with the ever-troublesome furnace or transplanting yews in the linden grove.

We know these details of his life because of the journals he kept - written records of the days, weeks and months that passed in Chiltonville in mid-century. His diaries offer a mosaic of time and place and reveal the connections of community, the Brewer and Hornblower families and their ties to the landscape that surrounded them. Writer Andi Diehn, Jesse’s great-granddaughter, and Museum Gardener, Frederick Dunford, PhD, explore these connections and discuss their relevance and value to us today, more than 75 years since Jesse put pen to paper.

In-person and online tickets available.