This is a picture of a storm that the ship rode out last night. Mayflower II has been through many storms over the years mostly tied right to the pier. She has weather hurricanes, Nor’easters and even the no-name storm of 1991 with very little damage. Last night storm was certainly not the worst storm to come through Plymouth but it followed a fairly typical pattern.

The winds came from the southeast building in intensity as the low-pressure system traveled up the coast. Heavy rain started last night around 4:00pm and continued off and on all night. The wind continued to pick up in intensity until the 40-knot winds pushed our 350-ton ship tightly against the pier. The pier has a built in fender system that may have been installed to great the first Mayflower. As Mayflower rode against the pier she pushed hard on the fender system, dislodging part of the old pier timbers. We keep old truck tires on hand to cushion the ship in these situations. I, then Ricky Bent the over- night security guard, spent the night keeping the tires in place, bailing our small boats and trying to take pictures for this blog.

By 9:00 am this morning the wind had shifted around some allowing the ship to lay off the pier somewhat, the rain had stopped and we were able to set things to rights in time to let visitors aboard.

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