John Reed

The weather has improved today so that work can continue on the ship. Jack and Paula were on the waterfront in the afternoon but I must confess I’m not sure what they were actually doing as I have been at the visitor center all week signing and reading from my book, Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures (available in our gift shops, on line at or the Border’s books at the Kingston Independence Mall; order now while supplies last!).

So I will introduce another member of our department. John Reed, a.k.a., the kindly old sea cook, or a.k.a. the kindly old sail maker, is actually the rigger for Mayflower II. John has worked at the museum for 18 years. He does a superb job building and repairing the rigging, included the new set of fore mast shrouds he and Paula built a few winters ago. John has taught nearly every interpreter here how to make hand tied fishing nets. In a previous career John was a commercial fisherman both on deck and in the pilot house.

John leads the sail making efforts and is now teaching others the stitching techniques and care necessary to produce a hand-sewn sail. He’s been involved in much of the carpentry and restoration of the ship over the years. He is looking forward to, I am told, a successful hand-modeling career in his retirement.

I am including a picture of what I have been up to this past week just so it doesn’t sound like I haven’t been doing my part.

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