Another Manic Monday

It is Monday and we are all back at work. The bright yellow ball in the sky we learn is called the sun. It is sunny and warm and it is a pleasure to be outside again. The list of things we are involved in today is representative of the kind of day that keeps it interesting to work here but also presents challenges for getting any one thing accomplished.

First thing this morning, 8:00 am, we had a scheduled visit by a woman who is writing a book about a 17th century sea captain who lived down on Long Island Sound around 1654. Part of his diary mentioned a boat he had built in “ye bay”. It was described as a 3 ton boat and was used to cross long Island sound among other things. The author of the book wanted info on boat building, which we were happy to provide.

As it was such a nice morning, we offered to take her and her companion for a brief row in our ship’s boat, to get a sense for what it is like to be out and about in a 17trh century rowboat. Strictly research mind you.

We had a lovely, short, row during which both the author and her companion got a chance to do some rowing, steer the boat, and see our majestic Mayflower from the water. Ah yes, more happy visitors.

Then we all were able to get some work done on the ship. George and Paula worked in the foretop (see the photo above), Jack made another plank for the stern castle and I worked on the repair to the bow. (See the photo below).

The afternoon found us going over plans for changes to the waterfront exhibit, trying to keep the state pier from collapsing any further until repairs to that start next week and discuss painting the exhibit with a potential paint contractor. Oh, yes, Jack also fastened the new plank. George and Paula finished tightening the fore topmast shrouds, and I managed to get the last piece of blocking in the bow so that now I can make the three new planks we need to close up that big hole in the ship before we sail. If I haven’t mentioned it lately we are sailing July 22nd.

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