George Ward

Today, for me, was filled with meetings. I guess meetings are necessary but somehow they never seem as productive as actually doing stuff.

This will be a good chance to introduce another member of team marine artisans – George Ward.

This picture may not show George off to his best advantage but it is a bit of an insight to his interests. He rides his motorcycle to work from Weymouth most sunny days summer and winter. If you want to see a better picture of George you can see him in our new orientation film. He’s the gruff sailor who talks about a sickness that visited the 1620 crew soon after they arrived. Also he had a role in the film Desperate Crossings.

George has worked for mayflower II or 12 years now. It doesn’t seem possible but he assures me that it is true. George is unique among our staff in that he has worked for all the departments at he waterfront site (except retail). He started out in guest services, worked off and on for security, moved over to the interpretation department and has worked with the artisans, mostly in the winter, for a number of years.George likes to say he is a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. That of course is not true because he is very good at everything he does.

After a full career at Polaroid Corporation where he worked as a graphic artist George “retired” to Plimoth Plantation. He is an accomplished artist specializing in mechanical drawings. Some of his handy work is on display at our exhibit on the waterfront.

Most years George works on the ship as a 3rd person interpreter. At the end of the season he comes to work with the artisan and returns to interpretation in the spring. He says he needs to rest after working with us all winter. I’m not sure if means he needs a rest from the work or us. Anyway, this winter he helped out as usual but volunteered to stay on with us through the spring to get the ship ready to sail because one of our co-workers has been unable to work for a while.

Hopefully George will stick it out with us until we sail in July. Have I mentioned lately that we have to have the ship ready to sail by July 22nd?

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