Beer Night

If anyone is following this blog you might have noticed I didn’t write a posting for yesterday. I usually put something together at the end of each weekday. I missed yesterday’s posting because of a special event that took place last night at the ship. In our short hand we called it “beer night” but the event was more formally known as the official launch of a new beer produced by Boston Beer Company, producers of Samuel Adams(registerd trademark), especially for Plimoth Plantation. The beer is called Mayflower golden Anniversary Ale.

I, for one, can attest to what an outstanding brew has been wrought by the brewers from Samuel Adams in cooperation with Plimoth Plantation food/beverage historians. It is a natural part of the celebration of Mayflower II’s fiftieth anniversary. During the 1620 Mayflower crossing the sailors relied on, and probably looked forward to, their ration of beer. During the 1957 crossing the ration was no doubt less but equally important at one bottle of beer per man per day. A more complete and probably more coherent discussion of the new beer and its genesis can be found in an article written by Paula Marcoux in an upcoming issue of Plimoth Plantation’s Plimoth Life.

The event at the pier was well attended by press, staff, and representatives from Samuel Adams. The beer will be sold through Plimoth Plantation’s Patuxet Café. A souvenir glass, complete with the new Mayflower logo is available in the gift shop and will no doubt in time show up on ebay as Mayflower II collectable memorabilia.

As far as work went today, we should complete planking both the bow and stern castle tomorrow. Jack and I each have one more plank to complete the repairs we are working on. Paula is stitching away on the fore course boltrope. Each one of these three projects is essential to complete before we sail and will be a great relief to us all to get them behind us. We might even have time for another anniversary ale before we sail.



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