Fifty Years Ago – more or less

An old shipmate George Cushman sent this picture to me. He was crewmember on Mayflower II in the earlier 1990’s. He says his Dad took this picture. When Mayflower II sailed across the Atlantic in 1957 the ship carried a number of "Treasure Chests" filled with goods from British firms. The idea was these firms would pay to have their stuff carried over on MII then they would receive the promotional benefit of being connected with such a famous vessel.

After the hubbub of the ship’s arrival in Plymouth died down, Mayflower Van lines arrived with their shiny yellow trucks to transport the British goods to their final destinations.

This is one of many pictures that must be out there chronicling the early days of Mayflower II. Plimoth Plantation has an extensive archive but I bet there are many other shots from many different perspectives. Does any one want to share any pictures of Mayflower II from 1957? I will try to put some up in this blog if you like.

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