Progress Report

This is a quick post to update our progress on the workboat. We have continued, most Fridays from 1-4pm, to build frames and other parts of the new workboat for Mayflower II. The group of volunteers has been fairly consistent and everyone seems to be catching on as to what to do.

This is frame number 6. There are 12 frames all together so we only have five more to go. The building jig, on which the frames will set, has been made and is only awaiting the last of the frames. We anticipate being ready to set everything up in a week or so.

John and Len and Linda are working on the transom. It is made of three pieces of wood splinned and glued together. They are flattening out the glued up wood to make it smooth and ready to accept a piece of plywood, which will be glued over everything for extra strength.

Also, Great News, Paula and John finished the foresail today so we can bend it on the foreyard next week. — Weeks before we need it to sail the ship—what’s the worry?

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