Sitting on the Job

Today’s post utilizes some photos I took last week of the marine artisans in action. Although the photos were taken last week they are fairly representative of work on the ship right now. One thing to notice in the photos is everyone is sitting down. Hmm, and I thought our work was physically demanding.

In the first photo George is sitting on the bosun’s chair scraping the mast. The yards and topmasts were all scraped and re-oiled this past winter in our shop. Of course the main, fore and mizzen masts are not removed in the winter so they must be cleaned and re-oiled from the chair. It takes as much energy to hold your self in place as it does to actually scrape the mast.

Jack is finishing up the stern castle. The odds and ends are what take all the time. After the major work is done there is still plugging holes, caulking, painting, and finishing off the ends of all the wales. The stern is high off the water and at a steep angle. So the staging doesn’t always make full contact with the ship. It is more a swing than staging. Our new safety harnesses come in handy sitting out on that staging.

Paula and John have finished the fore course but in this picture, taken last week, she was finishing up the last of the head rope. She is seated firmly on the sail maker’s bench, which is not flat on top but actually slopes back like a chair. The idea is to help keep your back straight and minimize fatigue. It doesn’t help your arm fatigue though with trying to push the needle through four layers of canvas and a heavy hemp rope.

This last picture is our guest service manager Ben at work. It is kind of cheap shot I admit, but to his credit while he is sitting in the shade controlling the traffic onto the gangway he is doing paper work.

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