A little piece of 1957

This is one of the original leeboards from 1957. The shallop, as I related in an earlier posting, was built in 1957. A crew of local Plymouthians rowed the shallop out to mayflower when the ship sailed into the harbor on June 13th 1957.

When the shallop is sailing, the leeboards are used to keep the boat from sliding sideways in the wind. We keep our leeboards in the boat when they are not in use. By the looks of this old one, they must have always kept the boards in the water. 

The two men in the photo, John and David Reed, run J-D Removal services. (Jon is the one with the mustache). They contemplated trying to sell the leeboard but decided, with the anniversary of Mayflower II this year, it would be a good thing to donate it back to the museum.

A little piece of our history has returned. Now, has anyone seen Mayflower’s wheel from 1957?

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  1. R Blick

    I have many pictures of when the crew of 57′ returned in 2000 . Also info on its sailings to Boston , Providence , as well as sail training info . I also own a nice postcard collection of the ship and the Mayflower II official program given out in 1957 . This also has autographs of the returning crew in 2000 .

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