Images From The Past

Here are some more pictures from 1957. Wednesday is the fiftieth anniversary of the ships arrival. This past weekend a family friend and Plantation neighbor Marsha Sykes gave me copies of some pictures she found in her family collection of photos. There is a treasure trove of images in this collection. Here are some fun images.

Maybe some one knows more about Miss Cranberry other than she was riding in a nice car in the parade celebrating the ship’s arrival.
Coles hill facing the ship was covered with bleachers for the arrival of the ship. It looks like a great place to watch the parade.
It must have been very exciting to be on the water in the harbor as the ship came in. There appears to have been a great deal of activity in the harbor. I have met many people who have told me they were in this boat or that boat and watched the ship arrive in Plymouth.

The ship was towed into Plymouth after fifty-four days at sea. Note there was no breakwater back then.


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