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There is a perk of running the sail-training program for Mayflower II. I let my daughter, Abby, who just turned fifteen, to come down to the ship and try her hand at climbing in the rigging. She and her older sister have been sailing since they were little kids. She learned to sail in a Beetle cat in and around Plymouth Harbor. Sue and I used to pack Abby and Hannah, a picnic lunch, towels, beach toys, sun block, water, life jackets, the anchor, … well you get the point… lots of stuff, into the 14’ boat and when the tide was right sail out to the end of the beach.

Abby was still small enough to sleep in Sue’s lap on a return from the beach one afternoon when a big power boat plowing its way down the channel churned up a huge wake, most of which landed in our boat, on top of the unsuspecting little girl. Soon after that we got a bigger boat with an engine.

Abby will be teaching sailing this summer at the Plymouth Yacht club. She likes to tell me that as a junior member of the yacht club she can get me in to the club any time I want to visit. She’s a very generous girl.

Sail training continues. We were able to set all sails this past Tuesday. The wind was light and from the land so it filled all the sails beautifully. From the perspective of the picture you can image the ship is underway on a clear blue sea, rolling along some trade wind route, pretty as a picture. All the sailors would be lounging on deck in the sunshine with nothing left to paint, tar, or repair. Ah, dreams…


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