This week at Mayflower II

No- this is not a picture of a Maritime Artisan who has succumbed to heat stroke. On Tuesday night Jennifer, from Jordan Hospital’s educational outreach programs, taught a CPR  course for our sailing crew. CPR is a good thing to know and hope to never need. Jennifer did a fantastic job making a somewhat complicated process seem like anyone could use the techniques to save someone’s life. Unfortunately Jennifer is right outside the frame of the picture.

The class was a welcome break from sail setting, and painting. Painting is our lives now. Mostly we scrape, sand, clean-up, paint and repeat.

The ship is starting to look spiffy. We are practicing a few phrases that always come up when painting at the speeds we attain in the process these days. The first old chestnut is: Putty and paint make her what she ain’t.

I assume the “her” in that saying refers to a boat. The other saying that is somewhat in keeping with our pilgrim passengers is: Putty and paint make a sinner a saint. Again the sinner disguised as a saint refers to the ship. I guess the general notion conveyed is the pant hides a multitude of issues we will have to deal with some other time. Maybe then We’ll need CPR when we scrape off this latest coat of paint.

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