Friday Report

There’s not too much to report that is new and exciting on the maritime artisans front. We are painting, painting, and painting, the ship. Things are actually shaping up. The sail training crew was able to sneak in some scraping and sanding Thursday night before the rain set in and sent us all to the BBC, (British Beer Company); all in all not such a bad thing. With some fair weather in the next two weeks we should wrap up painting. We are still getting help from volunteers and others with the daunting project and every little bit helps.

The Garvey project is plugging along. We have started fairing the frames and putting the bow and stern in place on the building jig. Fairing is a slow process and even after working at it for a while you don’t see a lot of differences but it is important to get all the frames fair to one another and each with the correct bevel so that the exterior planking makes full contact across the width of the frame. After the Mayflower sail we intend to devote several full days a week to the project to see that it is finished on time.  Peggy made strawberry shortcake for snacks today.

Sunday is July 1st.


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