After a dreary forth of July break we are back at it. This damp weather has forced a change of plans. It is too wet to paint so we are indoors catching up on small projects. Finishing up a new set of flags, preparing odds and ends to be attached to the ship when the rain stops and catching up on the administrative end of preparing Mayflower to sail. The list of things to do is winding down.

There is some more painting to complete in the next week or so, equipment for the sail to bring aboard and logistics to go over again. Our sail training crew is shaping up nicely, their assistance with painting has been very much appreciated and with a few more sessions should be ready for the big day.

After along day, long week and long few years of work we’re tired but still standing.

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  1. Graham

    Peter – I’m betting your hat is the tan one with the blue bill. Is your new nick name Woody?

    PS – the blog is fun, keep it up!

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