Back on the Garvey Project

Today was the first day back at work with our volunteers on the Garvey workboat. We had taken some time away from this project to complete another big project. But now that other project is out of the way we can get back to work on building our new workboat. Actually Jack and I have been working on the boat all week and it has been a pleasure.


We are fairing the frames, that is, making sure each frame is beveled smoothly one to another and there are no humps or bumps that will show up in the planking later on. We also cut the notches in the frames for the keel and the chines. 

We made the chines, which are beveled top and bottom, and we mad the keel, which is two pieces of Douglas fir, which we are laminated together.

It is nice to catch up with the volunteers who have been such a helpo with this project. I am gratefull they have all come back to help us out. Today with all the volunteers here we fit and fastened the keel in place. The first layer is bedded in our favorite 5200 marine adhesive, (a 3m product, great stuff if our out their reading give us a call) and screwed down to the frames. The second layer of the keel is glued on with West System epoxy, (also wonderful stuff and useful in many ways on this project and repairs on Mayflower II, we love to talk with you also).

One team of volunteers put the sheer batten on the boat. The sheer, the top edge of the planking when the boat is upright, defines the shape of the boat and along with the keel on really begins so show us what were are building.

My camera is sulking, I think, because I can’t get it to talk to my computer so I don’t have any pictures to show. The best I could do was this crude drawing of Jack and I. I’m holding a hammer and Jack is holding a Japanese hand saw. Also Jack has beard.

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