Epoxy and Plywood

The picture on the right is Jack using the power plane to rough out the scarph. We swithced to bench planes to finish up the joints.

We prepared the plywood today for applying to the bottom of the boat on Friday. The bottom of the boat is going to be two layers of 3/8” plywood, screwed to the frames and glued to each other. Each layer will go on separately. The first will be bedded in 5200, marine sealant along the frames, keel and transoms. The second layer will be glued with west system epoxy to the first layer. We will fiberglass the outside of the bottom when the glue sets up and we have trimmed off all excess plywood around the edges. It should be very strong and relatively maintenance free.

The above picture shows half a stack of the plywood pieces for the bottom layed out for scraphing.

The sheets are scarphed together to make up the lengths we need. We used a ratio of 12 to one, that is in 3/8” of thickness the joint will be four inches long. Again we used epoxy to glue everything together. The bottom panels consist of three pieces. Two pieces are around 38” wide and the last piece, near the bow will be around 2’ wide. The 16′ pieces are all layed end to end to make it easy to line everything up and work on.

Tomorrow when the panels have cured we will clear coat the interior face of both pieces tha will be exposed to the inside of the boat. Also we will lay out the lines for the side planking and get out some cedar planking we have been drying for a few years. The plank stock for the sides will have to be scarphed to make the full length. This will work out well as we need a fairly curved piece of stock for the side and scarph two planks together on a curve will help accommodate the curve.

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