A post without a Picture

I am sorry to say that my camera still won’t speak to my computer. I can’t imagine what has happened between the two of them to cause such a rift. I want to keep up to date on the boat progress so I will post this much and see if a new usb cord for my camera will get it out of its funk.

Today was a banner day in the old marine shop. We attached the first layer of the bottom planking on the boat. Yesterday Jack and I did a dry run with the plywood, cut the pieces close to the final shape and worked out the system for laying the long sheet down so that it would not pucker or buckle as it was fastened in place.

We had just the right number and size of volunteers helping today. There were about six volunteers to hold and fit the plywood and Linda Hart’s grand niece and nephew, who just happen to be visiting, were just the right size to fit under the boat and helped scrape away excess 5200 on the inside as we screwed the bottom in place.

Peggy made delicious Zucchini muffins for break time, and a good time was had by all.

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