Hannah is off to College

I have several excuses ready to post some personal pictures on my blog. First I already posted pictures of one of my daughters, Abby, and it happened to be on her sister’s birthday no less. So I owe Hannah a posting. Second, I still haven’t resolved the usb cord issue with my camera so I have to find alternative ways of getting pictures to post.

Aside form those two perfectly valid reasons; really, I’m posting these pictures of my oldest daughter Hannah today because we are taking her off to college in the morning. We are all gong to miss her at home and I thought it would fun to see her smiling face once in while as I do this blog.

The first picture was taken the day we launched the shipsboat. That was October of 1991. Hannah was two, we had just moved to Plymouth from Bath ,Maine and she like to take her little teddy bear, “Good Boy” every where she went. I don’t know why she named the bear Good Boy. One day we asked what the bear’s name was and she said “Good boy”, so that was that. This image was a scan from some old pictures which accounts for the poor quality.

The second picture is Hannah’s senior high school picture. No, no one can figure out, based on her gene pool, where she got her good looks from either. Yes, I know it wasn’t me. And yes, Sue says the same thing too. Hannah is a good example of the way evolution works. She is clearly an improvement on the previous generation.

Hannah is a great kid, smart, beautiful, talented in many ways and we can’t figure out that part either. She amazes us always. We will miss her even though she will only be a few hours away and what with this new fangled e-mail and cell phone stuff we can practically talk to her any time we want. Well, anytime she want’s to talk with us.

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