Today’s Progress

Today we glued down the second layer of plywood on the bottom of the Garvey. The bottom of the boat consists of two layers of 3/8” plywood. Friday with our volunteer group we will lay out and glue down fiberglass cloth. This will seal the bottom and make it tuff enough for us to land the boat on the beach or maybe glance off a rock or two without hurting the boat.

In the first picture John and Paula are assisting Jack by pushing the plywood down into its final shape up near the bow. We used sheetrock screws and small squares of Plywood to clamp the two layers to each other until the glue dries. The screws and plywood squares will come off when everything is set up. The holes left behind will be filled with a little dab of thickened epoxy before the ‘glass goes on.

The second picture is a bit of warning as to what can happen if you leave the roller used to roll out the epoxy in the paint tray too long. Epoxy is sticky stuff when it sets up.

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