September 17th

We are keeping on track with the schedule for completion. Last Friday featured a lot of clean up inside the boat. During the phase where the bottom of the boat was fastened down a lot of 5200 oozed out around the edges of the frames, chines and keel. The same thing that makes it such a good product as an adhesive also makes it tough stuff to clean up.

Clean up required all hands. We used sharp utility knives, chisels, scrapers, and putty knives to slice out the cured 5200. A word to the wise, remove the excess stuff while it’s wet. The cured adhesive does not like to let go.

The point of the clean-up is to prep the inside bottom to receive a coat of epoxy. This, we hope, will seal the plywood and help the boat last a bit longer.

Also, A volunteer Dave, continued to work on the center console. This is the top that he glued up out of four pieces of Wanna. (cut off pieces from the stock we used in replanking the stern castle of Mayflower II).

Someone came in the shop yesterday and reminded us that the date was the 17th. This means, they went on to say, we only have a month to finish the boat. Only a month? How about: We have to all of a month until we can use our new boat.

Speaking of Mayflower II, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention John and Paula’s continue efforts to keep at least the rigging in good shape while Jack and I work on the Garvey. They have retarred all the standing rigging in the last few weeks. It is all shiny and new looking again and ready for the fall and winter seasons.

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