Primer coat

We continue to make great progress on the Garvey. Today we finished installing the deck structure, that is, deck beams, stud beams and carlins. Before we put the plywood deck on we primed the inside of the boat. From the picture you can see why we all have bad backs. There is a lot of bending over to reach inside the boat.

We are fortunate to have the help of George Greenamyer and Don Severy, both volunteers, to help with the painting. There is a lot of surface area to cover.

The next step, hopefully tomorrow, will be to fair the deck beams and lay down the plywood in preparation for putting the dynel cloth on the deck on Friday. Dynel is a kind of fiberglass cloth that when finished will look like a canvas deck but is much more wear resistant.


By the way, Linda, we hope you are feeling better and can rejoin us soon. We’re saving you a seat on the boat for launch day!

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