The Deck

Friday, with the help of our volunteers, we applied the Dynel cloth to the deck. The Dynel is glued down with epoxy in the same way as the fiberglass cloth of the bottom of the boat. Jack and I had fastened the ¾” plywood decking to the faired deck beams the day before. The plywood, donated to us by Mid-Cape Home Centers, is fastened down with 2” # 12 bronze screws. The Dynel cloth, a kind of tightly woven fiberglass fabric, will mimic a canvas-covered deck.

All in all, the deck structure including the 2” x 3” deck beams, spaced sixteen inches apart and the ¾” plywood covered with dynel should be a nearly indestructible work platform.

We are closing in on completing this project. I have been talking with “the Boat Guy” Andy, who will install the new outboard and it’s associated steering and electronics. As has been mentioned before, Honda Motor Corporation is donating the fifty horsepower outboard. We are all excited to have this new, clean burning, efficient, electrically started motor to replace our old, tired outboard.

We have a week and a half until the boat will go to his shop. Then it will be back at our shop to finish up the painting and last minute details before launching.

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