Painting Begins

You know you are getting close to finishing when the bottom is going on. John put on the first coat of bottom paint on Friday. The painting itself was not as difficult as choosing the colors for the boat. (I guess I shouldn’t say it wasn’t so hard to paint since I wasn’t under the boat all covered up with a respirator on… but anyway).

When Ronnie Rooney painted the original concept drawing for the Garvey about a year a go I had her use some basic colors that are traditionally seen on wooden boats. As time went on and countless people asked what color the boat was going to be we decided to refine those original colors somewhat.

The criteria for choosing colors and painting the boat are as follows:

1) The boat must be easy to maintain. Ultimately maintaining the workboat is a small part of the work that we do year to year so we can’t afford to spend a lot of time fussing over a yacht like finish.

2) The boat must look good. This is more than a conceit on our part. Yes, we want to be proud of the way the boat looks but more importantly we want it to remain looking that way. If the boat looks good we will be more inclined to take care of it and keep it in shape.

3) We must use readily available paints and colors.

We have chosen Kirby’s paint because it is very durable, readily available and we already use it on Mayflower II. We know the guys at the store in New Bedford and can call them up to get paint on very short notice.

The color choices themselves are a result of input from many people. Ultimately the colors all look good together and will, I think, make the Garvey a fine addition to the watercraft on the waterfront.

Paula is prepping the topsides prior to the first coat of paint. The white on the hull in this picture is a primer.

Here the interior work continues with theconsole being fit and readied for fastening.

In reading over the blog I noticed I did not identify Ronnie Rooney. She is a children’s book illustrator who does a lot of work for the Plantation as well as having done the illustrations for my book Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures (Still available and for sale through our website, by the way)

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