Nuts & Bolts

We are getting right down to the finish line now. Most of all the bits and pieces have been made and we are attaching things were they belong on the hull and prepping all the parts for painting. Tomorrow will probably be the last day for our Friday volunteeer work. Sad to think so but we are just about done. We have made many new friends among the volunteer group and have renewed old friendships as well. I hope all the volunteers understand the tremendous achievement of which they are a part. Thans to their efforts we have a wonderful new boat to help us take care of Mayflower II and our other boats. this new workboat will be around for many years to come as a testiment to what can be accomplished with a dedicated group of people committed to seeing a project through. I am profoundly greatful to you all for your help. Lets enjoy reaching the finsih line together and look forward to celebrating our efforts soon.

A bit of info: Over 600 hours of volunteer time have been recorded in the course of this project. At any hourly rate that’s a lot of freely given time.

This picture shows some bronze bolts that Jack made to fasten the cleats that don Severy made. 5/16′ Bronze rod, threaded on each end withe nuts and washers. The picture also reminds me of the strength of the conections in the boat and made by the boat project.

I got a new camera recently and went into the shop to take a picture of the boat. I was quite suprised to see the vacuum cleaning standing in the boat pretending to steer. Who knows what goes on in the shop when we’re not around.

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