The devil is in the details, they always say. Here is a nice little detail and Jack is looking kind of devilish. Jack turned the little knobs for the console on our lathe. He used ash and wanna. Wanna, as you may know is a south American hard wood, ideal for boat work. We have used it replanking parts of Mayflower II. The ash knob has a flat spot on one side of the shoulder. The knob must be turned to the flat spot for the door to open. Otherwise the round shoulder fits into a slot in the small piece of wanna and keeps the locker door shut. Clever? You bet.

Now we come to some mighty nice pictures to see. First the brand new trailer that was so very generously sold to us at cost by Northeast Marine Industries, inc. of Oxford. Mass. The trailer is sized to fit our boat, has multiple, self adjusting rollers and a functioning wheel on the tongue which will help hold the weight of the boat when we hook the trailer up to the truck. Great for our backs, great for the boat and a lot less hassle launching and hauling the boat.

The boat is on the trailer ready to go to Bourne, Ma where, “the boat guy” Andy Bancroft will rig our new Honda fifty horse outboard, complete with center console steering, power tilt and just enough gauges for us to keep an eye on how well the motor is running. We can’t wait for launch day.

By the way this is the color scheme after much debate, imput from others and a lot of scrutinizing small color samples. the thing about painting a boat is you can always change your mind next year. I kind of like the colors. We all think they are soothing some how.

Here is a picture of our old boat. It is sad to see. It has provided us with able service for many years, has suffered some abuse and misuse and still hung in there as a general utility boat for a very long time. We are trying to decide what should become of this tired old boat. Tired old boat, this old boat ah-ha I think I need to call pbs about a new series.

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