Launch Day, Plus six

I know the launch of our new boat happened nearly a week ago a lot has happened in between that has prevented me from posting something about it. It is hard to stay up late watching the Red Sox clinch the American League Pennant and care about other stuff going on in the world. How about those guys…Go Sox….

Anyway, Last Thursday we launched our new workboat. We started the day fussing over the boat, taking pictures of everyone next to the boat in the field near the shop then transporting the boat to the waterfront for launching. As I have mentioned, we have a brand new trailer, courtesy of Northeast Marine Industries, of Oxford, MA, so the boat couldn’t have a nicer ride but the trip to the waterfront reminded me of the day we brought our newborn baby home from the hospital. She was strapped into the hospital loaned infant car seat and I drove about 10 miles an hour all the way, nearly coming to a complete stop as I oh-so-slowly rolled over some train tracks. Who knew what kind of damage I would cause our new child by willy- nilly driving along at the speed limit. And didn’t those people behind us honking their horn realize My New Child was in the car?

Anyway, again, we made it to the boat ramp. The boat seemed unfazed. Many lovely things were said by many people at the launching. One of our volunteers, Lenny Cook, brought the champagne. He did his best to spray the boat, while not smashing the bottle on the hull.

When it was time to start the motor, there were a few quick glances over to Andy Bancroft, the “boat Guy” from Cataumet, who installed the motor to assure me the motor would start. Of course it started first time, and purred so quietly, many people were unsure the motor was running. The boat rolled off the trailer sweet as you please and all of a sudden all our hard work was afloat, right on her waterline and pretty as a picture, if I do say so my self.

two representatives from Honda Motor corp. came up for the launching. I am happy to report they liked our boat and we love the new motor. I don’t know how we got along with our old skiff and outboard for as long as we did.

We had a pot luck party in our shop after the launching. One side benefit of the building and launching was the need to clean house in the shop for the party. I workspace has never looked so clean. We spent four full days, cleaning and vacuuming everything from the florescent light fixtures to the walls and every nook and cranny of the building. It is so nice now we are afraid to run the power equipment for fear of making dust. Now would be the perfect time for a dust collection and ventilation system in our old shop.

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