The season winds down

The excitement of launching the new workboat has worn down. The hustle and bustle of preparing for and sailing Mayflower II has past. After the celebratory and congratulatory parties are over there remains clutter of a very busy year. It is not he only thing we are doing now but some of our time is spent in sifting through the debris of several years of continual work. When we tire of wading through the cast off bits of many projects what could be better than spending a little time on the water.

Jack took this picture with his phone. He and I were guests aboard the Herreshoff designed, and Booth Bay Harbor shipyard restored, New York Thirty, hull number one.

The day, late in October, was quintessential fall in New England. There was a slight chill to the air, the sun beat down warm on the sparkling clear water, and the trees, just past prime foliage colors, provide depth and beauty to the landscape. A rare treat indeed, but the New Englander in me can’t help but think of the cold winter to come and the work that will only add to our growing scrap pile back at the shop.

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