Rig-Up, You don’t use a crane?


Over the course of the next week or so I will document the rig-up process we use on Mayflower II.

Every year, for the past fifty years, the marine artisans department has removed the ship’s rig in the fall and set it back up in the spring after overhauling everything during the winter. It is a vital part of keeping the ship healthy and a function that often goes by without much notice.

When visitors do ask about it they immediately assume we use a crane to lift the yards and topmasts into place. The entire process is accomplished with a system worked out for any ship, years ago, but instead of manpower stomping around a capstan to raise the spars into place we use our truck and fairleads out to the pier. I will explain as we go along….

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  1. I’m impressed that you do all of this work without cranes. It doesn’t shock me too much since cranes, as we know them, did not exist back when we used these boats. However, wouldn’t most of the work be easier with a crane?

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