Sprit yard

So… The yard we start with first, almost always, is the sprityard. It has all the same rigging as the other yards but because it is on a mast, (the bowsprit) that is at an angle the yard can sometimes be troublesome to rig. So we start with the sprit to get it out of the way and to “warm up” our rigging muscles.


This is the sprit yard hanging on a gantline. the gantline is a sampson braid line led through a temporary block on the bow sprit. The gantline is lead to our truck which, as I have stated before, is a stand in for a bunch of sailors hauling on the line. You can see the lifts and braces have been rigged to the yard but are not yet holding the yard in place.


Here’s our shop truck pulling the yard into place. The truck, by the wa,y is brand new this year. Ironically it is an extended cab truck purchase with the intention of carrying a full complement of marine artisans. It is very nice truck, purchased from Marty’s GMC in Kingston, MA.


Here is the yard in place. With the lifts and braces and halyard attached it is a simple matter of hauling the yard up to its proper height, and location on the bowsprit. For this operation we do use actual people to haul on the lifts and braces. All those lines lead to the beakshead and I don’t think we could get our truck out there. Witht he yard in place we can then attach the parrel, which help hold the yard in its proper location while sailing, and stand back and admire our cleverness.

The first yard takes about half a day to rig, if you include a coffee break, which we always do.

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