The Main Yard

The first step

The first step always begins at the spar shed. After the spars have been cleaned and re-oiled we store them under the plastic spar shed. the shed is something we have to build every year as the plastic doesn’t hold up well for more than a winter. The Main yard requires all the able bodies we can find to lift it off the horses and onto the spar cart. Keep in mind through all of this that the main yard weighs about one ton and is 54′ long.

The main yard just fits into the exhibit space.

With the yard in position we attach the same setup to lift the yard into place as we used on the fore yard.

img_0258.JPG We add an additional block to lift the one ton yard into place. So the gantline is tied off around the top of the main mast, goes down through the block on the yard, up to the block under the working top then down to a fair lead and out to the truck.

Pret under the working top.This is Pret Woodburn, not the unibomber, helping with the rigging. He is a former employee, timber framer and all around nice guy. the day we lifted this yard into position it was blowing about 30 knots and very cold. Normally we wouldn’t try to rig on a day like this but we were running out of time before the ship was to open to the public.

Dressing the yardThe truck lifts the yard off the cart, the same as the fore yard, and we ease the tag line that is holding the yard back, and let the yard swing over to the ship. We dress the stbd. yard arm when it is on the stbd. side of the mast.

The yard is up

the last stepWith the yard in position we climb up and attach the tye, and the parrels just as the fore yard. Everything is that much bigger on the main that it is always a big pain to get it all done. The cold and wind just add a level of difficulty that reminds us we should have studied something else back in school.

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