Hey Mister, what are you doing ?

We hear that a lot. Most times a simple answer is forth coming. “I’m painting the ship.” “I’m replacing a plank.” “I’m tarring the rigging. Today the response to that question has me staring into the corner I’m working in inside the great cabin and wonder, “Hey, yeah,what am I doing?”

This little bit of rot in the corner of the Great Cabin is one of those suprises that can really slow you down. We have been finishing up a repair in the cabin, started by the shipyard this past winter. (Maybe the subject of another post)

Finally we, that is Jack and I, (There is only Jack and I now, also a good subject for another post), are getting the bulkhead between the great cabin and steerage back together. the port side went fine, although there are always some unexpected little issue that crop up. the Starborad side however reveled a rotten block of wood that fits between to frames right at deck level. The block has always been hidden by a bed that was removed for this work. Upon close inspection the rot was discovered.

The best way to deal with this parrticular kind of blocking is to remove the planks on the outside of the ship, fashion a new block, with it’s dovetails and all, slide it back into place refasten, or make new planks, caulk. fill, and paint the new planks. Were talking maybe two weeks work, with staging, other jobs to do and the weather.

So I find myself staring into the corner, trying to figure out how to fit this new piece of wood, that is covered with bedding, only fits once it is in place, knowing all the time that this really isn’t the way to be doing this job. “Yeah, Mister, What are you doing?”

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