One more frame

Stbd. corner of Transom frame

Before shaping  and installing the new wale over the rebuilt framing, I decided to remove the last bit of the old wale at the transom. I had left about five feet because the wood was good and it seemed unnecessary to take it out. However when we picked up  the wood order from Heyes Sawmill a week ago the stock was longer than we ordered so we have enough new stock  to remove that last bit of old wale.

What was revealed behind that  five feet of wale at the corner of the ship is pictured above. Not a pretty sight. I guess, as I have been told as a way of cheering me up, “Better to see it now than have a problem after the new work is in place.”

Hmm…So it is back to removing the rotted out corner frame, which requires removing a knee on the inside, and a few of the diagonal planks on the transom, then removing the frame back to solid wood, keeping in mind the water is not that far away. Then after making pattern and shaping this frame I will be ready to close up the opening in the ship. (Bemused boaters landing at the nearby dingy dock have taken to asking if  we are installing screens in the new openings in the side of the ship or maybe air conditioning because of the heat.)

Well, I guess we will be painting the ship in November at this rate.


Bits of what used to be the Sbd. corner transom frame.


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