Second big restoration project of the season

New Beam end










Here is the first shot of the second major project we are working on aboard Mayflower II. This is the new white oak beam end, newly shaped by Keith in our shop and ready for installation.

You may recall from an earlier post my mentioning some work left over from this past winter. Well, this is part of one of those projects. The Coast Guard required we replace a hanging knee on the starboard side in the lower deck. A hanging knee is a naturally grown timber, shaped and  fastened to the end of a deck beam which hangs down and is attached to the side of the ship to provide support to the beam and prevent wracking the ship’s hull.

Keith removed the offending knee and found the end of the deck beam to which it was attached rotted necessitating  we  removing a long section of the beam. “But the beam supports the deck,” you are thinking. You are right of course. We  built a supporting wall under the remaining part of the beam to prevent an even bigger problem. (Pictured below)


This shot shows the temporary support wall and the beam end fit in place with the ship’s windlass in the foreground. In one nice photo it is easy to show about a weeks worth of shaping and fitting and lugging a big hunk of oak around.

Keith has been helped by Danny in much of the lugging and fitting of this particular piece.

Danny and Keith stand by their work









It was not quite as precarious looking as this shot suggests. The beam end is resting on the sheer clamp to the right of the shot over Keith  and the other end, well, I am sure Danny was being careful.

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