Summer Camp at Mayflower II

camp kids rowing shipsboat

A popular activity we have added to the Mayflower program in the last few years is the week long daily summer camp. Camp kids spend a week coming to the museum each day to learn about  and participate in our 17th century programs. Wednesdays is Mayflower II day.

The kids get to row the shipsboat out in Plymouth harbor (staying near shore of course), learn how to use the capstan on the ship to raise a barrel off the deck, raise and lower flags, do some swabbing of the deck and get a insiders tour of the ship from the poop deck all the way down to the hold.

We have had kids on the last three Wednesday, sometimes two trips over to Plymouth rock and back a day, and we haven’t lost our way yet!

We are going to be doing an overnight program on the ship this August as well.  Come back for pictures of their adventures.



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