Multiple Century Approach to Age Old Problem

Keith - fluent in multiple technologies

I like this photo for several reasons. It shows the progress we are making on our restoration projects and if you look closely you can see the various tools necessary to get the work done.

Keith is carefully wielding the worm drive skill saw about to make a cut on a new section of framing. The saw is fast, accurate, and in the right hands, makes a clean cut that will not need further work. I suppose he could have used a hand saw the “Old timey” way but really,  that would have made no difference to the cut, or lessen the impact for our guest that they are looking at a 17th century reproduction ship. In fact in would have been slower to do the hand saw cut, and possibly would have required more work to dress up the  after the cut was made.

However, if you look at the end of the timber next to the one Keith is cutting, you will see an adze. This is a traditional shipwright’s tool  just right for its intended purpose, (shaping and fairing wood), and often allows you to get the work done faster and more accurately than a power plane.

I guess my point is we try to take into account many things when we approach our work. We have a very small staff, a big aging ship to take care of, and a limited amount of time in which to do this work. The goal we always try to keep in mind is, “What is the best tool for the job, given the restrictions of time, and money, that will be result in keeping our ship afloat, and available to our guests for years to come.

The other thing I like about the photo is that  I was standing there taking pictures while Keith was working.

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