Turning Mayflower II

David Maccaferri's helpful suggestion and photo

This amusing photo was taken by David Maccaferri. A local photographer who lives in the area and has a keen eye for interesting photo’s (view his work at PresenceInPhotograhy.com).

While his suggestion for turning the ship might not work, it does give me the opportunity to address a question I often get this time of year. “When are you going to turn the ship?”

We try and turn the ship several times a year to keep the ship weathering evenly on both sides. The south side of the ship, whether the ship is bow in or out, gets most of the sun and therefore weathers more quickly. We turn the ship so both sides get an equal opportunity to have the paint finish degraded.

We will not turn the ship for a while because of the ongoing restoration project in the stern. I have had to remove one of the brackets used to attach the ship to the offshore pilings to get at the rotten wood in the area. The missing bracket is not a problem on the offshore side as there is only one semi-necessary line attached to it. When we turn the ship, the bracket that has been removed is more vital as three lines that hold the ship to the pier must be attached to it.

So, until we can reattach the bracket, which will be after the last new frame and the new wale is replaced in that area, the ship will remain oriented the way you see it now.

However, if that crane could lift the ship by the main mast, maybe we could suspend the ship out of the water for a while and  let it rotate slowly like a 17th century merry go-round.  Hmm…Maybe David was on to something.

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