A New Boat Building Project

Danny and Keith scarphing plywood for boat project.

This is the very first day of a new project for our department. We will be building a 10′ rowing boat, based on a 17th century model, with a group from our education department’s camp kids.

First, in the picture Danny, in the foreground, and Keith are planning the edges of 2 pieces of plywood (one 8′ long and one 4′ long), to make a 8:1 scarph  joint. The plywood is quarter inch thick so the length of the scarph is 8 times that thickness or two inches long. The four foot piece of plywood is laid on top of the 8′ piece held back two inches from the edge. A line is drawn two inches away from the edge on the four foot piece and a long flat surface is planed from that pencil line through both pieces to bottom of the second edge.

When the slope is smooth and even the four foot piece is flipped over and the two corresponding sloping pieces are epoxied together. Simple, right?

It really is fairly straight forward.  I tried to draw a picture, just for my own amusement, to illustrate the process.As far as the camp kids, who they are and how the building process works, stay tuned next week. We will be working with them on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Any questions about the design of the boat will have to wait for next week after I have drawn something.

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