Boatbuilding Project: making parts

Keith leading a group of campers in laying out the bottom board for the new boat.








Yesterday we started work with the group of kids here for the week long summer camp. The campers, aside from getting involved in activities in the village, on the homesite, and in the visitors center are helping us to build a boat.

The kids will be with us Monday and Tuesday afternoon during which we hope to set up the small 17th century type boat we are building for this fall’;s soiree.

The double ended boat will be 10′ long, 3′ wide and around 15″ deep and is modeled after a very common type of flat bottomed boat found throughout Europe for centuries.

Yesterday we cut out the bottom board, layed out the three frames and made an attempt at steam bending the curved stem and stern post. I say attempted because both pieces of oak broke after being steamed for the 1 hour and forty five minutes it took to soften the wood. (the stems are 1 3/4″ sq. steaming wood takes about an hour for each inch of thickness of material).

So the kids learned something about watching us fall flat on our faces with that one. However, after they left we made two new stems, steamed them and successfully bent them on the jig we built for the process.

Drawing full size frame shapes.


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