Perparing for Irene

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am a little behind with chronicling work on Mayflower, mostly because of the interruption to our work schedule by Tropical Storm Irene.

Here are some shots of the start of preparations for the coming storm. These shots are from the beginning of the week prior to the Sunday storm.

Step one: Closing up the openings in the side of the ship.











You can see behind the the first diagonal plank  on the transom, the corner frame that went in the week prior.  The frame is curved in shape, and a parallelogram in cross section. The top is notched to fit the beam, and the bottom is a flat cut.

The Planks are white oak, 2 1/2″ thick.

Danny helping.

Each plank, while straight in length  has a slightly different shape at each end. I think Danny was tired of listening to bad jokes.

Precision tool for fine work.


The plank stock was thicker than our skill saw could cut and the big worm drive saw kept tripping a breaker, (which was in the hold, requiring a ten minute trip onto the ship to reset) so I used a Saw-z-all to make the initial cuts.



Fitting the new plank


Fitting the plank was actual pretty straight forward work.






Big drill motor for making counter sink holes


The plank has a caulking bevel on one edge and both ends to allow room to drive in oakum caulking.

The plank is attached with long spikes. We bore a on inch hole for the spikes head and then drill a long hole, smaller in diameter than the shank of the spike. The best part was driving in the big spike with a sledge hammer.







Transom all planked up



Here is the transom all planked up on Friday before the Sunday storm.


You may also notice the new plastic and plywood covering the big opening on the side of the ship


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