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Garboard planks on

The garboard planks are attached to the bottom board and the stem.







In preparation for fastening the garboard planks, the bottom board and the stems were beveled to allow the garboard to lay flat on each. The plank is glued to the bottom with epoxy and to the stem with 3m 5200 marine adhesive.

The epoxy will work well with the plywood, bonding strongly the bottom board to the side plank. Epoxy and oak, (which you may remember was used in making  the stems), don’t get along very well. The tanic acid in oak makes it difficult for the epoxy to bond well over time. The 5200 marine adhesive however will stick to anything that even looks at it. I have many articles of clothing that can attest to this fact.

Beveling the edge of the garboard plank

Keith is beveling or flattening off the lower edge of the plank so that the edge of  next plank will lay flat against it. There will be a 3/4″ overlap between the two planks.

Not every plank has a name but the “garboard”  is the first plank next to the keel, or in our case the bottom board and the sheer plank is at the top or sheer of the boat. As you can surmise there are only going to be two planks on this boat.

The ends of the garboard  planks, that lay on the stems, will have a gain planed into them. The gain is simply a rabbet into which a rabbet of corresponding size planed into the back of the next plank will fit. And it is usually about that simple to fit. Sort of.

When everything is fit to our satisfaction, we will epoxy the two planks together. Have I mentioned already one of the nice properties of epoxy is that it is “gap” filling without loosing any of its strength?



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