Off The Building Jig

Planked and outside sanded

When we last saw the boat we were planking. Today all the planks are on, we sanded smooth the outside and popped the boat off the building jig. The planks were fastened with epoxy, any screw heads and open holes were filled with epoxy yesterday in anticipation of today’s work.

Danny and Shelley Jo work on the boat.

The boat was pretty easy to remove from the building jig. There was a screw into each stem, and the frames had temporary plywood pads attaching them to the building jig. In the shot above Danny and Shelley Jo are removing the temporary pads after the boat was turned over onto some saw horses.

Handsome little boat, no?


Making boat parts





Keith and Danny are routing the edges of the tapered rub rails and Shelley Jo is smoothing off the ends of the seat risers.


Also you can see the old shipwrights who watch over us whenever we are working on stuff in the shop. I’m not sure what they make of us with no ties on or at least collared shirts.

Fastening the elegant rubrails.

We decided to taper the rub rails for this little boat. They are approximately 1 1/8″ wide rounded over on the top and bottom edges and they taper in thickness from about 7/8″ to about 1/2″ in thickness at the ends.



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