This Old Boat

The following is the text briefly explaining the boat we are building for Plimoth Plantation’s soiree:

The 14′ boat, hand-crafted by Plimoth Plantation’s maritime artisans represents an ancient model of rowing boat used throughout Europe for centuries. Our version, made of marine plywood and white oak, will be an ideal boat for use on ponds, lakes and sheltered ocean waters. Designed for one or two people, the boat will move through the water easily, and carry provisions for lunch or gear for a day out on the water.

This boat was begun as a class project by Plimoth Plantation’s camp kids, age 10-12, under the supervision of Peter Arenstam and the maritime staff. the campers had two afternoons to start the project the maritime artisans department has completed the work to a high museum quality standard.

From, "The Archaeology of Boats & Ships"

Above is the picture that first caught my eye when we were thinking about building a small boat with a group of kids. You can see it is very simply constructed, the lines, slightly modified, lend themselves to plywood construction and it is unique enough that it will stand out in any crowd of boats.



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