Towards the finish line

Keith fashioning a breasthook for the stern


The breasthooks tie the two sides of the boat together at the bow and the stern in our case because the boat is double ended. Traditionally they are made out of natural crooks of wood so that the grain runs in a u-shape around the piece. Very strong.



Danny shaping a breasthook for the bow


Speaking of natural crooks……..

You can see this breasthook  is glued up out of two separate pieces of douglas fir. Not quiet as strong as the u-shaped grain but pretty good.







Bow breasthook installed in boat


The breasthook was fastened with screws and 5200 marine adhesive








Middle seat fastened out of Wanna ( A South American hardwood)



This shot is looking at the seat from the bottom. You may notice the bevel on the edge. When the seat is installed the bevel lightens the look of the seat by revealing only a narrow edge. The bevel ends in what woodworks call a lambs tongue.


Compression test on middle seat








Danny only looks slightly deranged in this picture. I promise he is mostly harmless.






steaming apparatus

This boat has an inner and outer stem. The inner stem, you may remember, was steamed with the help of our camp kids.


The outer stem, which is applied to the front of both ends of the boat to protect the edges of the plywood, must be steamed first to help it to bend.

The old keg has water, the burner underneath is propane fired, and the box which the hose lets the steam into is an old aluminum sign post. The outer stems are in the old post steaming away.

The wind baffle in the back round is kind of a cool old exhibit panel from our sail making days. The orange portable generator, not nearly as cool, doesn’t work right now.



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