All gussied Up

Freshly painted

Well, after many other smaller projects have come and gone, and continuing with ongoing work, we have recently completed the painting of the small boat we started with the camp kids this past August.


A handsom little craft

The paint scheme is the traditional (at least in New England) white exterior, green bottom paint and a medium tone for the interior. A sharp eyed observer may note the gold color of the seats and rubrail is the same gold we use on Mayflower II. The interior color, ‘taupe’ is the same color as the interior of our workboat. White would cause too much glare in the sun on the water and it shows dirt and smudges quickly. The bottom color is a traditional green bottom paint.

All the paint came from George Kirby and sons, paint manufacturers in New Bedford, MA. and were colors we had on hand. Frugality, another traditional New England trait.


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