More ongoing work

I wanted to post some shots of our ongoing work mostly in case anyone is wondering what ever happened to these projects.

New wood scarfed into the clamps.


This shot is taken down below, up forward on the starboard side of the ship. Keith has installed the new frame sections (called futtocks) so he is now buttoning up the opening he needed to make to install those futtocks.

These pieces of oak, about 1 3/4″ thick were boiled for about one and half hours  to make them pliable enough to bend over a form so they would have the right shape to conform to the inside curve of the hull.


New main wale on Stbd. quarter.


This is a shot of the newly installed main wale. It is two thicknesses of 2 5/8″ white oak. Each piece is spiked together then the whole thing is  bolted through to the frames with 5/8″ bolts. I’m pretty sure it won’t come off anytime soon.


Frame Futtock

I like this shot because it show the curvaceous nature of the work we do. This is a futtock Danny has been shaping for the forward frame repair. This piece was complicated because along with its curvy shape in length  it is a parallelogram shape in cross section.



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